Kitchen Dancing

Cooking all day is hard work.  The floors are concrete, the kitchen is hot, grease and food splatters get on your clothes and your hands seem to always maintain a faint smell of garlic.  My love of fashion and my background in dance have given me a different twist on how to strengthen my body and preserve my sense of style.

Dance sneakers are my go-to shoe for kitchen work.  Thick heel and toe cushioning softens the constant pounding my feet take from working on concrete.  And, the break in the sole of the shoe allows my feet to move freely.  It makes it easy to add a short series of plie, relevee, tendu while working.





Thinking Outside The Recipe Box

The other day I was given 10 lbs of organic apricots. Given the hot humid weather, the first thing that came to mind was a cooling summer soup. I didn’t have a recipe, so I played with the flavor combinations in my head before I put together my soup. As the newly created recipe was unfolding, I tasted and adjusted. The end result was a soup that was cooling, lightly sweet with a slight bite of heat from green chili oil and finished with tart orange zest and chocolate balsamic. I call this “Cooking From The Right Side Of The Brain”. It is something I do intuitively, but I can teach you how to do. I will be starting cooking classes on Wednesday evenings beginning July 23rd 6:00 – 7:30. $25 a class. You must preregister.
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Fridays at BadSeed Market

Making dishes to sell on Fridays at BadSeed Market are a chance for me to play in the kitchen. The “play time” leads to some of my favorite ideas.  And the customers seem to agree, as I sell out quickly and get repeat customers returning each week for more.

This week garlic scapes made it into my pizza and veggies dishes.  I love the clean bite of garlic.  Beets are in season and this week I couldn’t resist the golden beets for my beet and kale salad! Organic broccoli, kale, scapes and cilantro created a raw medley of cruciferous vegetables.  Add a splash of lime – delish!

garlic scapes

six super foods salad

detox veggies